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Fresh News

Keep an eye out for the latest issue of Encounters, a great online purveyor of thought-provoking Sci-Fi laced with action.  Martian Water, one of my short works, joins an already great lineup.   Click here to check it out!

Published Online:

Kalkion:  "The Epicenter"
Dark Valentine:  "Meet n' Greet"
FlagShip:  "Revival"
Electric Spec: "Identity Theft"
Kings of the Night: "Easy Money"
  (Two stories!): "Night Sentry" and "Hanging 'em Up"
Demonic Tome: "The Gig"
   (pdf; go to page 43)
Amarillo Bay: "Early Retirement"
Writers' Stories: "The Anthropologist"
The Harrow: "The Armed Stranger" 

Formatted for E-Readers:

FREE Audio literature?  You bet!
My podcast of free short stories and books on tape has moved to my site!  In the past I relied on one of the pioneers of new media, but despite us coming out of the same rough neighborhood, they've decided they don't know me anymore.  I feel like a "boy" of a NFL player from the 'hood that's decided he is who he rolls with.

Don't worry: I'm hosting my stuff here now.  Check out my podcast on the media page.  As soon as I figure out how to get it on iTunes, it'll be there too.


Available Now!

Stunted, a Fantasy Novel

A Boston physicist, aided by a prodigy and doomsday prophetess, must escape a magic-driven world before his foreign presence destroys it.

Though he doesn't remember how, Maxwell Steiger screwed up.  Waking up under two suns was his first indication.  The campfire that flows like molten glass in the air reinforces the point.  

His arrival has caused quite a stir, too--some of magical inclination wonder if it's a sign of the End Times.  The Coordinator, a shadowy mastermind who stands on the verge of seizing power over Burkand and its surrounding lands, sees it as an opportunity.  Such a valuable one, in fact, that he's employed the Hozelhoff twins, elite assassins of renown, to capture the new arrival. 

Now Maxwell, with the help of a tagalong of immense magical potential and a Doomsday Prophetess who'd rather not see her visions come to fruition, must escape back to Earth before he falls in the hands of the Coordinator, or worse: before his presence unravels the weave of magical threads that holds this existence together.


Also Available:

Blood on the Highway.  A Shocking Cover-Up.  A Pariah Seeking Redemption.

Every day, a hundred Americans meet their death on the highway.  Some accidents are inevitable.  Some are the victim's own fault.

But some are preventable.

Estranged father Carl Patterson tries to make sense of the accident that took away his daughter.  What he discovers is a secret someone's willing to kill to protect.  Now Carl needs more than closure: he must stop a murderer that grows bolder by the day.

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