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This is a Webcast that launched in 2009.  It was originally on the website, but then Mevio got all uppity.  I'm happier hosting it here, folks.

Episode 1: Key West

This is a fun little short story featuring Randall Becker, the main character from my audio novella Quivira.
Randall may be duct taped to a chair and staring down a sadist that's ready to inflict some serious pain, but never assume the bad guys have won while he's still breathing.

Surviving Brock Hedd Tapes
From 1980 to 1988, Carl Patterson played guitar and shared vocals in a band that gained popularity throughout the Southland but never managed to get a record deal.  Though Brock Hedd made several demos and even had cut seven tracks independently, Carl only has a couple of battered cassettes with their music: 

Live from the Ramona Bowl in Hemet, CA: December 4, 1982
The recording was performed with a remote four-track rig brought by Rudy Sarzo, who was friends with the bassist.  Carl doesn't remember all of the other bands at the show, but recalls that the group used this appearance as a tune-up before opening for Metallica in one of their rare SoCal appearances.  Hedd had gone through a period of drop-tuning in homage to Sabbath's Into the Void, but by the time they shopped demo tapes around they had returned to standard tuning. 

From a demo tape sent to Electra Records, December 1986

By the end of 1986, Carl realized Hedd's window of opportunity was closing fast.  That's why he agreed to record this power ballad, thrown together at the insistence of a new manager that lasted for three months.  Although he forced himself to go along with recording it, he never fully bought into the need to sound just like everyone else, a fact he's sure can be heard on the track.
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